Below is the progression of a new piece in acrylic. This is 30×40 on Gessobord (Ampersand brand), painted with Chroma Atelier Interactive Acrylics (for more info visit More figures need to be added as well as traffic and some street lights, signs on the left. This is the underpainting stage, where it is most important to work out the drawing, values and composition, before working in color. I’ve used burnt umber in this case, but any dark neutral color will work. Stay tuned as this is currently on my easel:

Stage 1 - the underpainting, acrylic on board that has been covered with tinted gesso in a light red ochre

Next, I finished the underpainting by adding in an additional figure, some traffic and other architectural elements on the left side of the composition. I then began blocking in large areas of color. In some places, I used a small paint roller for this purpose. The roller leaves behind some nice dry-brush texture that works well on urban themed paintings. As you can see, this piece will have a strong primary color harmony. Lots of yellow ochre, cobalt and alizarin, plus Naples yellow and red ochre. Next I need to pull in some more darks and get the rest of the board covered with color before moving on to the next layer.

final version of underpainting

Stage 2 - blocking in color

Stage 3 - using more opaque color, beginning to get ligther and brighter

Stage 4 - figures developed, beginning to add in architectural details

Final Version





22 Responses to Demonstrations

  1. John Dreyer says:

    Hi Anne,

    I came across your blog on WetCanvas and wanted to thank you for posting your slide presentations. They’re very helpful! I currently live in the Hudson Valley in New York where I have been taking classes for some nine months or so. Honestly, I have found that these little demos can often be better learning experiences than having to compete for 5 minutes of your teacher’s time in a class.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Best regards,


    P.S. Please forgive my poor manners. Love your work!

  2. kullaf says:

    thanks John! I hope to finish this sometime next week, will post final when it’s done.

  3. Bella says:

    Amazing work Anne! I really would enjoy one of these paintings in my cottage back in Ireland!


  4. kullaf says:

    Bella, I would love to visit Ireland someday, your country looks so lovely in films and photographs!


  5. Nancy Robinson says:

    Anne, These demos are so helpful. The second best thing to having you demo in person. Your website and blogs are terrific, best of luck with your latest work.

  6. Anita says:

    Anne – do you let it dry between layers? So glad I found your blog!

  7. kullaf says:

    hi Anita, yes, the layers are fully dry in between. I work wet-into-wet in the individual layers, particularly towards the end, but always let each layer dry first before moving on to the next. thanks for checking out the blog!

  8. Nichola says:

    Your work is really goregous.

  9. kullaf says:

    thank you very much Nichola!

  10. Takayo says:

    Hi Anne, I like it very much and specially the blue building’s windows in the your layer 4. I also like your new paint in NYcity (big paint in snow) Did you use small brash for vertical line?

  11. kullaf says:

    thank you Takayo! no, I used a 1″ flat brush turned on its side

  12. Mike Walsh says:


    Your paintings of New York City are extraordinary. I love your work; spontaneity and color are exciting. Keep up the good work. I am a former member of Salmagundi and used to design their advertising. Check out my website for some of my NYC paintings.

    Mike Walsh

  13. janetacook says:

    i love your painting Anne, we seem to be working along the same lines with out inspiration. look forward to seeing at the salmagundi Round Table this coming Tuesday at 8pm

  14. kullaf says:

    thank you Mike and Janet!

  15. sasbng says:

    Your demos are really helpful. I shall be following your blog.

  16. great site Anne! Thanks for sharing. Strangely enough I used to go to the NJ Visual Arts Center when I lived in Dover. Thanks again!

  17. dwdwiltondesign says:


    Thank you for being so generous with sharing your work and your information. The slide shows are a great resource and wealth of information to me. I would like permission to post some of your photos on my blog and your embedded slide shows.
    my site

    thank you for your consideration, DWD. i am grateful.

  18. kullaf says:

    thank you DWD, yes you may re-publish them on your site, thank you for asking first! I appreciate your consideration.

  19. sangita gada says:

    hi…. veri nice site and tank you for great demos….thanks again..

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