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 teachingMy teaching style is one that encourages personal expression, creativity and experimentation. I focus on core concepts relevant to drawing and painting as well as medium specific techniques for artists working in oil, acrylic, pastel or charcoal.

10-Week Courses at NJ Visual Arts Center
I teach a variety of 10-week studio courses at the NJ Visual Arts Center in Summit, NJ. For more information on these classes, please visit their web site.




18 Responses to Workshops and Classes

  1. John Daley says:


    Love your work. I’d like to run something in Knightlines on you. May I interview you by e-mail? What is your e-mail.


  2. kullaf says:

    thank you very much John! I just sent you an email

    best, Anne

  3. […] Workshops and Classes   […]

  4. Jinnie May says:

    Hi Anne, There are 2 of us who are interested in the March 19 Acrylics classes at SAA, 6 weeks. I”m wondering why it doesn’t show up in their catalog? Is it still on? Thanks Jinnie

  5. kullaf says:

    Hi Jinnie, I sent you an email separately. But yes, the class is definitely still on and it appears on Page 8 in the Somerset Art Association Spring 2009 class catalog.

  6. Mary Ann says:

    Just found your site on wetcanvas forum! Do you anticipate having any beginner workshops at Hunterdon? Love your work!

  7. kullaf says:

    Mary Ann, thank you! Currently, the majority of my adult classes are at Somerset Art Association in Bedminster or the NJ Visual Arts Center in Summit. I’ll send you an email separately with more details. thanks again for your interest!

  8. MJ says:

    I am interested in learning more about the “Paint it Your Way!” workshop beginning mid July (Medium – Oil Paint). I do not have any Oil Painting experience, do you think this workshop would be useful for me?

    Please send me more details on the price and location of this workshop. I would greatly appreciate your help.

    I love your work!

  9. kullaf says:

    thank you for your interest! I will send you more info via email.

    best, Anne

  10. Gordon Wolfe says:

    Hi Anne,
    I’ve been working with Senellier soft pastels for a number of years now, but I need to sharpen some of my skills, particularly portraits. Have you got any spring classes coming up?

  11. kullaf says:

    I have a beginner pastels class at NJ Visual Arts center that begins on April 16 and runs until June 18. Here is a link to the art center’s page that describes all of my upcoming classes:

  12. Anne,
    I like your ideas esp your paintings, I’m a student of oils and learning these past two years of my retired life. Dan McCaw’s book might interest you if you haven’t seen it yet. It speks to the second level after learning rendering the self into a painting. Difficult for me to get a handle on yet but my goal I should think. Interesting stuff….

  13. kullaf says:

    Thank you Dave! The best advice I can offer along those lines is to just keep painting. A lot of artists think too much about “what’s next” and “what is my style”, etc. You’ll recognize your style when you are painting in a manner that feels natural to you and where you are happy with the results. In other words, you’ll enjoy the process and get your message across. The longer you paint, the more likely your message and style will evolve and change over time, but it will still be recognizable as yours. Just keep painting…and enjoying yourself! Cheers, Anne

  14. Stuart H. says:

    Hi Anne-
    You’re work is terrific and has lots of life! I’ve signed up for your Winter Landscape workshop using pastels. Should I bring sanded paper in the cool tones or the warm tones for this class?

  15. kullaf says:

    Hi Stuart! Glad to hear you are taking my workshop. A warm toned sanded paper would be great for a snow scene, a terra cotta or yellow ochre would definitely work nicely. Looking forward to seeing you on the 27th! Best, Anne

  16. Kim Eckstrom says:

    I’d like to take Watercolour classes/workshops with u.

    Please include me in your mailing list to keep me updated of any demos or classes/workshops you might be offering.

    Thank you
    Kim Eckstrom

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