How I Did This…

Elizabeth's Teapot - oil on panel, 8x10 in. from direct observation

Elizabeth’s Teapot – oil on panel, 8×10 in. from direct observation

Have been too busy to do much blogging lately, so here is a quick entry–an in depth description of how I painted this little still life of a metal teapot. Here’s what I did:

  • Toned a gesso board panel with yellow ochre acrylic so that it was a nice middle value
  • Began with an under painting (drawing, composition and values) in raw umber oil & turpenoid
  • Used the following palette: raw umber, ultramarine, King’s blue, cad red medium, cad yellow medium, cad yellow light, brilliant yellow light (an odd color I happen to have on hand, I used it instead of white)
  • Mixed raw umber and ultramarine to block in darkest darks first
  • Then mixed ultramarine and cad red medium for dark middle values on cloth, mixed about 3 lighter and brighter values of cloth color by adding progressively more cad red medium plus a tiny bit of cad yellow medium and brilliant yellow light, used this to block in the background cloth
  • Next, I worked on the metal, used the darkest mixture of cloth values and just added more cad yellow medium and brilliant yellow light to create a neutral (purple cloth color + yellow = grey of metal), made a range of values by adding more brilliant yellow light as needed
  • Used King’s blue and brilliant yellow light to create highlights on metal in warm and cool tones
  • Apple = ultramarine + cad yellow medium for shadow; King’s blue + cad yellow light for bright areas
  • Lemons = cad yellow medium + dark value cloth color (purple made from cad red medium + ultramarine) for shadow areas, cad yellow medium by itself for bright areas on lemons

That’s about it!!!


One Response to How I Did This…

  1. Donna S says:

    This is a great description for those of us who are still ‘beginners’ thank you Anne!

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