Saying a lot with just a little

Rooster, ink, water

Rooster, ink, water

I have not written anything in awhile. I have been very busy with my teaching and painting for upcoming exhibitions, but more importantly, I have not felt I had anything all that compelling to say. Brevity and authenticity are important concepts to me, both in my work as an artist and in communication in general.

From a visual perspective, I am striving to become as efficient as possible with my brushwork and color, putting more emphasis on gesture and values.  I am doing a lot more work in monochrome and limited palette.The intent is to make a strong statement with as few marks as possible. The rooster was created simply with water and ink applied with one Chinese brush. No pencil drawing (I rarely do any pre-drawing), just washes of value laid on watercolor paper. Working in this manner on a regular basis helps to ensure that color and brushwork are used efficiently even on more complex subjects and larger compositions. It is a good way to practice knowing what your visual message is, and how to get it across effectively.


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  1. “Like” Simple is refreshing sometimes…(-:

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