Drawing Matters


Chrysler Building, 16×20 in., acrylic on canvas

No matter what style or medium you choose to paint with, a good painting starts out with a good solid drawing. Too many artists don’t put the time into understanding form, value, proportion, and perspective. The result is a painting that looks amateurish, flat, and out of control. While it is certainly ok to distort all of the above concepts to create a stylized look, you have to understand them first and know how to implement them correctly before using them as compositional and or expressive devices. In other words, if you can’t draw properly, the end result of your time and effort is left to chance.

I teach a course that helps to simplify perspective and other concepts of drawing in a way that painters can relate to. My students don’t use rulers and t-squares to make perfectly straight buildings. Instead, we focus on understanding the gesture of one, two and three point perspective situations and block them in using the side of the charcoal or a wide flat brush. This technique saves most people from getting bogged down in the details and provides a good foundation of landmarks in a busy composition such as the one above.

I am offering the course this fall on Thursdays from 9:30 am to noon at the Visual Arts Center of NJ in Summit. Many of my students have really seen an advance in their confidence after taking the course, some have even taken it twice! I highly recommend signing up if you are at all struggling with getting your paintings to look the way you want them to because of a lack of drawing skills. The material is presented in a manner that is low pressure, non-technical and in language that artists and other visual learners can relate to. To sign up, visit VAC NJ web site or call 908-273-9121. Hope to see you in the fall!


One Response to Drawing Matters

  1. Très beau, beaucoup de style et un style qui me plaît infiniment

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