What was I thinking?!

Watercolor study from direct observation on Arches Torchon

Watercolor study from direct observation on Arches Torchon

A lot of people comment on the fact that I paint things that are not normally what most would consider worthy of being painted. I don’t take into account the literal use of objects in real life when I choose them as models, I simply paint the things that attract me. In this case, I like the idea of repeating ellipses, metallic surfaces, and bright graphics.

I also get a lot of comments on how I seem to make these everyday items look better than they do in real life. I always attempt to make the most of the things that originally attracted me to them (see above)  in order to create a strong composition, rich color and texture. I’m not painting cans, I’m painting interesting geometrics, interesting surface texture and interesting colors. The way the paint is applied is another factor in the end result–if it’s applied confidently and with bold strokes, you will achieve a strong and bold result, no matter what the subject.

This piece is a good example of the direction I am taking with my work, particularly with watercolor. I love the idea of an even looser, more abstract look. To do that, I use the subject as a departure point, emphasizing the elements I find interesting and enhancing them with color and texture. I always start with a gestural drawing of the subject as a structure and emphasize correct placement of forms and values. From there, I allow myself the freedom to apply paint freely and confidently. It does not matter if every piece does not turn out perfectly, the more often I (or anyone else) paints, the better the work gets as a whole. That is always my goal–consistency over time,  painting a “master piece” every time.


3 Responses to What was I thinking?!

  1. Magdalena says:

    I like seeing a common objects given the attention. It reminds me over and over that I don’t need to go to any special place or have any special “stuff” at home to paint. All I need to do is open my eyes and start working. Your emphasis on not naming the object we paint but putting down the shapes and values we see helped me tremendously in getting better! Thank you Anne!

  2. kullaf says:

    thanks Magdalena! see you in class this fall 🙂

  3. Congratulations ! Merveille des reflets qui donne à sentir la matière des objets

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