Katzen in Aquarell

A friend's cat, Diva, watercolor 8x8 in.

A friend’s cat, Diva, watercolor 8×8 in.

Painting the cats in watercolor is just what I feel like doing lately, so I am. I will likely end up with a whole collection of them but that’s ok because I love cats.

I like to paint them with a lot of carefree strokes, I don’t draw them out before hand I just draw with the brush as I go along. I block in their faces with a few quick ellipses, position the eyes and nose and just go from there matching values and mixing fur colors. I try to keep the watercolor moving as one connected shape, particularly the dark and middle values, which is where I start, the opposite of what most watercolor artists do. Having them look as if they just dropped off the brush onto the paper is what is most important to me, along with pure clean colors and that sense of glowing light that watercolor creates so beautifully.

I want to make the cats whimsical but elegant as opposed to cute. Sure, they are cute, but they are also beautiful animals with lots of grace and intelligence who sometimes do some really silly things. I hope to get that across with these watercolors, a casual sense of what cats are all about. 🙂

Jake, watercolor, 8x8 in.

Jake, watercolor, 8×8 in.


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