One, Two, Three…Perspective!

Pastel demo, 6th Avenue & 23rd Street – perspective is not difficult, it just takes an understanding of a few simple concepts and consistent practice!

Perspective is a concept hat seems to scare a lot of artists. It’s one of those things that needs to be right otherwise a drawing falls apart, so it does deserves to be treated with respect, but there is no need to be fearful of it.

Some of the myths of correct perspective include the idea that in order to “get it right” you have to use tools like triangles, t-squares and rulers. If you are an engineer or an architect, that may be the case, but if you are painter, you really just need a basic understanding of how it works, and more importantly, the ability to see it. The best way to develop your “seeing” skills is to practice–paint on location as frequently as you can, work from life with simple still lifes and if you have the opportunity, live models.

In January, I will be offering a new course at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey called “One, Two, Three…Perspective!”. The class is designed primarily for landscape painters who need a better understanding of one, two and three point perspective so that they can apply it in their work. I will teach the course using a specific demonstrations of each type of perspective from a painter’s point of view–in other words, a non-technical, user-friendly approach that simplifies the concepts so that they may be easily implemented. In addition to one, two and three point perspective, I will also cover atmospheric perspective, the use of color and it’s role in creating a sense of depth and space and working with figures in the landscape. I can promise that anyone who takes this course will leave with a complete understanding of perspective that they can apply with confidence in their paintings!

The course will be held on Monday mornings from 9:30 to noon. We will work in charcoal and acrylic on SPECIFIC EXERCISE (not individual painting projects). For a full description of this and all my other winter course offerings at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, click here. (This course is listed at the end of page 2 of my course listings, so you’ll have to go to page 2 and scroll down!) Register online at the link above or call the art center at 908-273-9121.


4 Responses to One, Two, Three…Perspective!

  1. Do you think you will ever make teaching videos?

  2. kullaf says:

    I don’t have plans for any at the moment. Although I teach a lot of workshops and painting courses in the NY metro area, I don’t care for the idea of video instruction, it seems too impersonal. I like to interact with my students.

  3. I certainly understand. I live a good 8 hours away so classes there are out. I will have to be satisfied with what I can learn from you online! Thank you for all your great posts!

  4. George says:

    I too will have to go without the ‘live’ (or on video) teaching of this very fine instructor and artist. In all the time I’ve spent online looking at other artists’ blogs I’ve not come across one as clear in explanation of how things are done, with the student in mind of course, and run by an artist who is so willing to share. kullaf blows away the Richard Schmids and Stapleton Kearns of the art world!

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