Paint What YOU Feel Like Painting

Pastel Sketch of Naples Florida for possible future painting, 5×7 in.

I’ve had a busy month–demos, workshops, new series to complete for a new gallery, major student exhibit, etc. Right now, I feel like painting something new and different. So I am.

I’ve decided to try a new series of paintings of Naples, FL. I am rerpesented there by a wonderful gallery, Trudy Labell Fine Art, and I would like to work more closely with them to gain exposure in the Southeast. Up until now, I’ve always exhibited my NY urban landscapes and flower paintings at the gallery. I’m hoping they will be interested in my new idea. However, even if they aren’t, I’m still enjoying myself painting something that interests ME! I could never be the type of artist who paints purely for commercial purposes. There are too many offbeat subjects that interest me visually–traffic, run down buildings, laundry, dirty dishes, etc. I don’t care so much about “what” I’m painting, as I am not a narrative painter. Visual patterns and textures are more interesting to me than telling a story, therefore, I can find interesting things to paint just about anywhere.

Also, I believe when we paint things that truly interest us, we do our best work. Therefore, prospective collectors who really connect with a painter’s message, won’t be put off just because the subject is slightly out of the norm.

I’ve always followed my instincts when it comes to choosing a subject and have never regretted it. As a professional, of course sales are important to me, but I would rather paint a painting that might not sell than pass up an opportunity to explore a subject or medium that truly excites me.


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