Spring Cleaning – Sketches & Studies For Sale Online Until the End of April


Magnolia - plein air pastel study

Anyone who paints professionally and teaches creates a lot of work that they probably never do much with. It’s just part of the process–you practice, you create studies for larger works and you do demos–how much of this type of work can you store?

I normally don’t sell my work online. Most work sold online is offered at prices well below what professionals sell their work for in galleries. I primarily sell my work in galleries, on rare occasions, I might sell a study or demo to one of my students, but that’s about it. This spring, I decided to try something for a short period of time. Until the end of April, I’m offering my plein air sketches, a few still lifes, and some demos for sale directly. All are originals (I don’t make prints of my work), and of the same quality as the work I sell in galleries. The only difference is that they are unframed, and many are in pastel, which is a medium I don’t typically offer for sale in gallery exhibitions. I’ve priced them from $75 up to about $300, depending on size and the support they are on (more for larger works on canvas or board, less for smaller works on paper, however nothing is larger than 11×14 in.).

I have sold a nice variety of these to people who normally would not have the budget to purchase my oil paintings. In terms of subject, most are traditional plein air landscapes or still lifes.You might find one or 2 urban studies in pastel, but these I typically reserve as thank you gifts for the collectors who buy my large oil or acrylic paintings. I also retain them to use as references when I am working on my large studio paintings.

If you are interested in browsing through the works I have for sale, you can see them here. I will be adding new ones as I do them or find them in my studio as I continue to do my spring cleaning. However, I will only have this “sale” on until the end of April, so if you see something you like, best to buy it now. 🙂


One Response to Spring Cleaning – Sketches & Studies For Sale Online Until the End of April

  1. Sonny says:

    omg, i love these. you have a real talent. you need to sell your art so that the plbuic can oogle over your talent! great work-

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