First Painting of the New Year

Into the Park - oil on board, done in studio based on pastel sketch, 18x12 in.

Into the Park - oil on board, done in studio based on pastel sketch, 18x12 in.

This is the first post in my new plan of posting weekly. I’m hoping that putting myself on a blogging schedule will help to build consistency in posting, we’ll see.

The painting above is my first to be completed in 2012. It’s a bit different for me in terms of subject matter. I’ve always been resistant to painting carriage horses, because the subject has been done many times before and also because I think it can get a bit sentimental.  However, I decided to challenge myself to take the subject and treat it the way I treat all my other urban landscapes. Simply as shapes that break up the space.

The title of the piece (Into the Park) is a bit more than just descriptive. I did some research about the carriage horses in Central Park and the surrounding area. There is a group that advocates that the horses not walk on the streets surrounding the park because they are a hazard to traffic and at risk of being injured. The group believes that the carriage rides should be restricted to the boundaries of Central Park. I totally support this idea. Just gathering reference material for the painting was a bit scary, dodging taxis and other traffic on Central Park South and 6th Avenue. Imagine how scary it must be for these horses? They really are beautiful animals, and part of a historic tradition, but in this day and age, they really don’t belong in the streets of midtown!

There is a group on Facebook that you can join if you support the idea of keeping the horses in the park and off the road. Here is a link to the group which is called NYC Horses Belong IN Central Park.



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