2012 is a good year to…

Carriage, study for a larger painting, pastel, about 6x9 in.

Carriage, studio study for a larger painting, pastel, about 6x9 in.

Instead of resolutions, I prefer to make plans! In 2012, my focus will be on plein air painting that goes beyond traditional plein air.  I want to use the process of painting on location to inject more abstraction into my urban landscapes. I plan to:

  • paint on location in New York and Philadelphia, have an exhibit of the paintings in both cities
  • conduct a plein air demo in NYC at the Salmagundi Club
  • develop a plein air course for the summer at the Visual Arts Center of NJ
  • lay the groundwork for a workshop and an exhibit in Europe or the UK
  • further meld reality and abstraction in my paintings, take my studio painting in a new direction based on plein air studies
  • continue to experiment with new media, including digital plein air
  • turn this blog into a WEEKLY publication that is updated every Monday, consistency and deadlines are a good thing!

So what are your plans for 2012? Whatever they are, I wish you much health and happiness in the New Year!


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