“You’re So Prolific!”…ummm no, I’m not

Rockaway Road Barns, Tewksbury, NJ, plein air pastel, 9x12 in.

I hear this all the time. But I’m not prolific, I just practice a lot, the same as any artist needs to do if they are painting professionally. I don’t offer every sketch I do for exhibit or sale, but I need to sketch, paint or draw EVERY DAY in order to keep my technical skills where they need to be.

Just because I post a sketch here or on my Facebook page, it doesn’t mean it’s a formal painting that will go to a gallery. In fact, most of the studies I post are just that–ideas being worked out for future paintings, or experiments in color and form. Many of them end up just hanging around my studio until they get worn out looking and I have to get rid of them. Others (the nicer ones that are in good condition) I will give to collectors who purchase my larger works.  It’s nice for the collector to have the study along with the final painting.

If you want to build your confidence and skill, practice is the only way to do it. I have to paint in front of students all semester long, I wouldn’t be able to do my demos if I didn’t practice and have confidence in my approach to drawing and painting. So, while I might appear to be prolific, I am really just doing what it takes to stay in top form, it’s just like going to the gym. 🙂


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