Practice Season

Hoffman's Crossing Bridge, Califon, NJ - plein air pastel, 6x9 in.

It’s officially winter break from teaching for me, which means I have more time to paint. After 3 solo exhibits this year, I am ready to just paint without the pressure of producing work for exhibition. So now I am just practicing and experimenting, mainly with plein air. That may seem odd being that it is winter, but since my studio is not heated and does not have electricity, I don’t have a place to work on large scale paintings.  I can easily do a plein air like the one above from the warmth of my car, sounds strange, but it works.

My other area of practice is with still life. I am experimenting with simple objects I have around the house. Groceries from the pantry, cleaning supplies, etc. I don’t care what I paint, the challenge for me is not to tell a story, but to arrange forms to create depth, motion and spontaneity–it doesn’t matter what the subject is, the goal is the same.



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