It’s that time again…

Delancey Place, Philadelphia - watercolor 6x9 in.

It’s September! How quickly the summer went by. It’s time once again to register for fall courses at the Visual Arts Center of NJ and the Center for Contemporary Art. This week, I’ll be posting about my course offerings so you can select the class that will best suit your interests. First, I’ll talk about my newest offering at the Visual Arts Center of NJ:

Wet & Wild: An Alternative Approach to Watermedia – 10 weeks beginning Sept. 13, Tuesdays from 3:30 pm to 6 pm

This is NOT a traditional watercolor course!!! In this class, we will explore alternative methods of working in watercolor as well as other water-based media such as drawing inks, acrylics and markers. We will also combine mediums and work on alternative surfaces such as cardboard and Yupo paper.

Students who sign up for this course should be open to experimentation and ready to try something new. Basic drawing skills are needed if you plan to work representationally (an understanding and ability to apply concepts such as form, value, proportion and perspective).

Here are just a handful of the topics I plan to cover:

  • Splatter backgrounds with ink and watercolor – an exciting way to add interest to both representational and abstract subjects
  • Masking fluid and other “resist” methods of creating with water-based mediums
  • Figure studies in acrylic on cardboard – improve your understanding of the figure and the importance of gesture while working with acrylics on this fabulous recycled surface
  • Monochromatic ink wash drawings on cold press watercolor paper – build your knowledge and ability to see form and value with this fluid medium
  • Markers as a sketching medium – one of the most convenient ways to sketch on location
In this course, you may choose to try as many or as few of the mediums and techniques demonstrated. Bring what you have to the first class (pick any water-based medium) and we can discuss materials further so you don’t have to run out and buy things you won’t need.  I will also have a supply of acrylics on hand that first day that will be suitable for the first project–whatever you bring, we will make it work! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in class. Questions? Call the Visual Arts Center of NJ at 908-273-9121, to register, click here for a link to all of my fall courses.



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