Loosely Structured: Solo Exhibition at the Visual Arts Center of NJ

June 27, 2011

Opening night at my solo exhibit at the Visual Arts Center of NJ

Chatting with students and collectors at the reception

Loosely Structured – Solo exhibit at the Visual Arts Center of NJ

My solo exhibit at the Visual Arts Center of NJ will be up until July 15. I have over 25 urban landscapes in oil, acrylic and pastel on display in the Eisenberg Gallery. Additionally, the 2011 Members’ Exhibition is on display in the main gallery.  Very proud of my students, of the 200 pieces in the members’ show, 21 are the work of students done in my classes. Two of my students received awards, congrats on a job well done!

I want to thank the Visual Arts Center of NJ staff for the wonderful job they did in hanging the show and generating lots of great publicity. Over 600 guests attended the receptions! Eight of my paintings were sold at the opening, plus an additional 3 prior to the reception, it was a wonderful night in so many respects. Thank you to everyone–students, collectors and art center staff–for all your support, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to show my work in such a wonderful setting.

For more information, visit the art center’s web site at http://www.artcenternj.org or call 908-273-9121.



June 19, 2011

"Capitol Hill" watercolor study, 9x12 in.

I begin with an under painting in yellow ochre instead of drawing in pencil.

I have been experimenting quite a bit these days with watercolor. It has always eluded me as a medium, and I think I have finally found a way of working with it that captures the bolder, more confident colors and gestures that are the basis of my work in oil and acrylic.

While most watercolorists begin with a pencil drawing, I prefer to create an underpainting the same as I would when working in other media such as oil, acrylic or pastel. By choosing yellow ochre, or a similar neutral, “friendly” color, I am able to block in not only my drawing but also some middle and light values. Because yellow ochre is a warm color that gets along fairly well with most other colors, it does not create mud when transparent middle and light values are placed on top of it. Rather, it creates a glow that is a nice enhancement to the overall mood of the piece.

This fall, I will be offering a new course at Visual Arts Center of NJ called “Wet & Wild: An Alternative Approach to Water Media”. The class will include non-traditional approaches to watercolor, as well as using acrylics, drawing inks and markers to create exciting mixed media imagery.

Fashion Illustration Sketches

June 11, 2011

watercolor on paper

watercolor on paper

I teach a fashion illustration course for young artists (age 9-12). These are 2 little sketches I did for them as demos today.  I love the way fashion illustration can say so much with so little–a little black paint and water can go a long way in capturing form, gesture and movement. Working in this manner is very helpful to me when I am painting, this type of practice really forces me to break things down to their basic elements. Doing so creates a sense of spontaneity and reduces the subject to its barest essentials, which is always the primary goal for me when I am painting, regardless of subject or medium.

Fun on the Bridge

June 2, 2011

George Washington Bridge, pastel study, 6x9 in.

This is a quick and bold study of the GWB. I plan to paint it large, about 30×40, in acrylic using rollers and foam brushes to start. I want it to be bold. Graphic. A strong piece that has no trace of hesitation. At some point, I hope to walk the pedestrian crossing over the bridge to get additional sketches and references for additional paintings. But for now, this one will serve as my starting point for the next big painting of the bridge.