Exit 4B, Cross Bronx Expressway, Acrylic on Board

Exit 4B, Cross Bronx Expressway, acrylic on board, 24x12 in.

I just finished this one, the horizontal nearly panoramic format is very interesting to work with, particularly for highway/traffic paintings. This one is of Exit 4B on the Cross Bronx Expressway (Westbound), supposedly cited as the worst intersection in the US. I found the overpass, which is actually an elevated railway station, interesting in the way it crossed the roadway at an angle. There are lots of these types of overpasses and tunnels on the older highways in NY and NJ. They make great compositions if you enjoy severe angles and strong perspective. I use brushwork to emphasize that flow and sense of perspective whenever I can, stroking towards the vanishing point and using bold arched strokes with the darks to carve out the shapes of the tunnels. For verticals, I use the edge of an angled or flat brush rather than a very narrow round one. You get a much more natural looking line and it is easier to do because you have more contact with the surface.

This painting will be featured in my upcoming exhibit at the Visual Arts Center of NJ. The reception will be on June 17 from 6 to 8 pm. Meanwhile, please check out my solo show at Gallery Egan in Morristown, it will be on display until May 31.


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