Little Brown Jug

Little Brown Jug - demo in oil, about 4x6 in.

My demo from today, sometimes simple is best. This little jug was painted with just 5 colors: burnt sienna, ultramarine, alizarin, yellow ochre and titanium white. Underpainting is done in burnt sienna. Working from dark to light, I used burnt umber and ultramarine for the darkest shadows. Burnt sienna and alizarin combine for the brown on the ceramic at the top of the jug, the lighter part of the jug is made up of alizarin and ultramarine, plus a bit of yellow ochre and white for the shadow area, plus yellow ochre and white for the brightest part of the body of the jug. The highlights are done with white and a bit of yellow ochre. All of this is alla prima, entire demo took about 25 minutes.  When you simplify your shapes and colors, you reduce your subject to its most basic elements, enough to describe the object in a way that is not fussy, and that can be elegant in its simplicity.

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