Pastel Demo – Brighter vs. Lighter

pastel demo of metal and satin, 7x9 in.

This was my demo in Friday’s pastel class, purple satin cloth, a silver coffee urn and some green apples.  In this demo, I stressed the importance of knowing the difference between lighter and brighter. For example, this cloth is a very deep purple with magenta highlights. If you really look at the cloth closely, you can also see some iridescent blues in the shadow areas. However, nowhere in the cloth is there a “light purple” or lavender, which is the color many artists might reach for if they are thinking light areas on a purple cloth. This cloth has a satin finish to it, so it is very reflective and bright, much like the surface of the coffee pot. Using white or lighter shades of the cloth’s color will not create the illusion of shininess, it will make the cloth appear flat.

Always LOOK at the object you are drawing or painting, do not rely on what you think are the colors present.


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