Beat the Clock

pastel - 10 minutes

oil - 10 minutes

pastel - 30 minutes

Been having fun this week with quick, 10-minute gestural demos. A good way to practice learning to see the big shapes and important gestural lines that create 3 dimensional forms is to do quick studies of them for practice. The point is not to improve your speed, but to improve your ability to identify the values and forms that allow you to create the illusion of 3 dimensionality on paper or canvas.

Pick a single object, you might want to start out just doing these in charcoal, but if you prefer to work in color such as this, that’s fine too. Give yourself a specific time limit and don’t have the expectation of coming out with a fully realized end result–wherever you are at 10 minutes, you are. Don’t erase, just go over lines that are placed incorrectly, remember, you are not creating a beautiful painting, you are PRACTICING!

A couple 10-minute sketches per day will go a long way in improving your drawing skills. It’s fun, low-pressure and effective, give it a try!

One Response to Beat the Clock

  1. Ulrika says:

    that was such a great demo and a fun exercise – what vibrant irons…it’s hard to pick a favorite..

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