Winter Morning Light – oil on canvas

Winter Morning Light (Broadway & 32nd St., NYC) oil on canvas, 11×14 in.

This is the latest in my series of paintings of scaffolding, the light and shadows were so intriguing, I knew as soon as I saw this that it would make a great subject. It’s obvious I love anything that has strong, linear, one-point perspective, and scaffolding is great for carving up space. Add the strong light and shadows, and it makes for a very strong statement.

When painting subjects that have a lot of linear components such as this, I am always asked if I used any type of straight edge. I don’t, I prefer to use a flat (bright) or angled brush turned on its edge. I extend my arm straight out and make a confident stroke downward. The result is a confident line, natural looking rather than “too perfect” or engineered-looking. Because I paint so loosely, the type of edge I would get with a ruler or straight edge would not fit, besides, I like the challenge of seeing how straight a line I can make freehand…the more of them you do, the easier it gets. 🙂


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