Work-in-Progress with some color added

Mapping in color on this work in progress, 30 x 30 in. oil on canvas

figure detail 1

Figure detail 2

Figure detail 3

I’ve begun the process of working on this in color. I took a left turn and decided to abandon both ideas of unique palettes on this–it has to fit in with other oil works I’ve already done. I plan to have half of the show be works in oil and the other half acrylics, but it must be cohesive beyond just being works of figures in the urban landscape. The colors need to relate to one another from painting to painting within each medium without any odd ball palettes. The acrylic portion of the show will be a little edgier, more graphic and with wilder colors, so I have a little more experimentation room within that media. For the oils, I need to keep to a bit more of my typical limited palette, so that’s the direction I’ve headed in with this one. I hope to finish it today or tomorrow.


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