Work in Progress: Urban Figures

Work in progress, oil on canvas, 30x30 in.

Just started this one, here is the under painting in burnt umber on a cobalt turquoise background (tinted gesso). Still thinking about the palette on this one, I will be using it in my show at Gallery Egan in May. I will either take this in an earth tones direction or experiment with a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) palette. The latter is a replication of the colors used in 4-color process printing. I have always wanted to try that same concept with paint, just not sure if this is the one I will choose for that process. When I get in a situation such as this and am trying to determine if a palette will work on a specific painting, I will usually do a pastel or acrylic study, it may be time for that at this point, since I don’t want to jeopardize the outcome of the big piece. It is always better to try something out on a prototype if you are uncertain of the effect you will get using an experimental process. It is worth the investment of a little extra time and effort.


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