Market Day, Annecy France, oil on canvas

Market Day, Annecy France, oil on canvas, 8x8 in.

This is another painting I plan to put in the Salmagundi Thumbox Exhibition. I sketched this previously in acrylic and pastel on corrugated cardboard and had always intended to do a “real” version in oil, now I have. I enjoy painting figures in an urban setting, this one has a little bit of a different twist though, it is more festive rather than urban. The colors are brighter and it is a little flatter because of the grey day it is based on.

I think I have found the theme for my second solo show: urban figures. Now I can focus on developing the large pieces for both of the shows I have coming up in the spring. Being organized and having a plan is vital to a successful exhibition, particularly a solo show. Being an artist is not an excuse for being flaky, lazy or a bad business person. If you put the time in and plan ahead, you will have a professional looking show that galleries are proud to hang. You’ll also have a higher chance of selling the work you exhibit if it is cohesive and based on a central theme.


4 Responses to Market Day, Annecy France, oil on canvas

  1. MTgrave says:

    I like the color in the piece, and attitude behind the work. Hope to see more art from you.

  2. Dar Hosta says:

    Anne! I just discovered YOUR blog! And your beautiful book! I love learning new and amazing things about people I already think are plenty amazing…

  3. kullaf says:

    thank you so much Dar!

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