Work in Progress

Underpainting in acrylic, light red ochre on yellow ochre toned canvas, 30x40 in.

Mapping in color in oil

This is a work in progress, I decided to paint this in oil after having done a study of it in pastel. I began by coating a 30×40 canvas with yellow ochre toned gesso, doing so gives me a middle value color to work on top of and provides a smoother surface as a result of the coat of gesso. I then did my underpainting in light red ochre acrylic. Next, I began mapping in my darkest darks using oil (ultramarine and raw umber), followed by middle values in a variety of colors. My palette so far is raw umber, ultramarine, cobalt, king’s blue, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, yellow ochre, cadmium barium yellow, naples yellow, naples yellow light and titanium white. I might introduce a bit of magenta in the shadow areas of the neon barrel and cone, not sure yet, as well as add some cad yellow medium on the taxi to punch up the brights. I need to cover up that underpainting before putting in any more details.

I feel somewhat at a loss because I don’t have my pastel sketch to work from, I put it in a show and so I am essentially starting over by working from my reference photo. But that’s ok, at this stage I really am allowing the painting to direct me more than anything else. Will post a photo when it is complete.


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  1. […] is the final version of the work in progress I posted a few days ago. It’s interesting that it has a much softer, atmospheric look than the pastel study I did […]

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