A nice surprise

7th Avenue Storefront, oil on canvas, 9x12, received the F. Ballard Williams award at the Salmagundi Club of NY Fall Auction Series Exhibition

I just found out last night that this painting received an award in the Salmagundi Club’s Fall Auction Series Exhibition. Awards are always a nice surprise, I never expect to win anything, I think doing so just sets you up for dissapointment. Also, when it does happen, it’s even better because it is unexpected.

I was not going to put this piece in the exhibit–my paintings almost always sell in the auctions and I really was not sure if I wanted to let it go just yet as it is a favorite. But now I’m happy I entered it as it received some recognition in the show which contains work by some of the finest artists in the NY Metro area.

I have two other small pieces in the show, the auctions are held on the following dates: October 15 at 8 pm, October 24 at 2 pm and October 29 at 8 pm, all auctions take place in the main gallery at the Salmagundi Club, 47 Fifth Avenue, NYC. For more information or to place an absentee bid, call the Club at 212-255-7740.


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