Details, details: a bit more done on this work-in-progress…

work-in-progress, 30x40 oil on gessoboard, about 75% done

detail, figures at left

detail, figures at right

This is moving along at a nice pace. The thing I enjoy most about a busy painting like this is that there are so many small details that you don’t realize are there until you start to paint it. For example, I did not notice the 2 little dogs under the table at right until I began the underpainting. At first glance, they are barely noticeable in the reference photo, but in the painting, they fit in as a unique part of the crowd at the cafe, and play a big part in what will ultimately help to make this piece unique, along with the hat on the young girl on the right, her big shoulder bag, the lunching  ladies on the left, the red bag on the ground, etc. All those little things that you would walk by and never notice, or look at a photo and never notice, are what will join together to hopefully make this interesting to look at in the context of a painting.


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