Work-in-progress, Philadelphia cafe

underpainting, burnt sienna on blue-toned gessobord, 30x40 in.

underpainting with darkest values added

This is a new work-in-progress, a 30×40 in. oil painting of a Philadelphia cafe. The top image is of the underpainting stage which was done in burnt sienna on a blue-toned gessobord. To tint the board, I used cerulean blue acrylic added into some gesso. The second image shows the painting with the darkest values added in on top of the underpainting. It’s always important to map in the darkest values when you begin working the color layer(s). Here I’ve chosen ultramarine blue mixed with burnt umber. This creates a beautiful dark neutral shade that has depth and variation in color.

The next step will be to begin working on the middle values in color. I plan to use lots of earth tones combined with primaries on this one to create a vibrant, high contrast image. The figures will remain loose and gestural to keep the feeling on this semi-abstract.


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