work-in-progress, oil on canvas, 20x16 in.

detail of chairs and figures

This is a painting I am currently working on, a cafe in Annecy. The red chairs and awning will make a bold impression when they are done. I love the repeating shapes of the chairs in the strong red, they create such rhythm and movement. Notice the angularity of the brush strokes, one of the things I find key in making figures and other objects work without too much detail is to use the brush strokes to block in shapes without consciously “drawing” figures or chairs. The result is a more natural, confident painting, rather than one that looks fussed over, or like it was difficult to do. To me, a subject like this begs for spontaneity and energy, not fussy detail. It’s important to pay attention to the big issues in a piece like this, perspective, proportion and form/value need to be correct in the under painting. After that, it’s easy to add color with confidence in the manner described above.


5 Responses to Work-in-progress

  1. Alex Bgatti says:

    This looks too good already!
    Did you have a good time in France?

  2. kullaf says:

    thanks Alex! France was great, but the weather wasn’t very good–it rained everyday, except one! We still had a good time, painted outside under over hangs whenever we could, but it wasn’t the same as if it had been sunny.

  3. Alex Bgatti says:

    bummer! well, at least you got to be there. Besides the studies and work in progress looks so good!! And rainy scenes are among your best!

  4. kullaf says:

    thanks, I have a lot of really good pictures from the trip. Several of the things I painted while I was there I just gave to people in France so I wouldn’t have to carry them home (just pastel studies and little stuff). One day, we actually painted in the guest house, I set up a bunch of French wine bottles. 😀

  5. karen matte says:

    Really love this one just as it is. The red on the chairs and signs with the umber, white and black is wonderful. I am always amazed at how you handle so much detail and in this one, for me it is all about the color.

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