Another Market Study

Market Day, Annecy, France - acrylic & pastel on corrugated cardboard, about 12x15 in.

I have about 400 great photos from my trip to France, but the ones that appeal to me most as subject matter for paitnings are of the market in Annecy. France is a beautiful country, even in the rain, but in terms of what I prefer to paint, the market is by far the most interesting. The colors of the stalls, figures and awnings converge to make abstract patterns that translate very well into dynamic compositions filled with movement.

I plan to do several studies such as this one on cardboard before I go on to a large painting in oil on canvas or gessobord. I really want to push the abstraction in these, seeing where an even looser approach might take them.

I have nothing against realism, my older work is far more realistic than my current paintings. Yet while I can appreciate the technical expertise, it seems as though those who have the skills do not push the envelope when it comes to subject or individual expression. Of course this is not the case for all realists out there, and there are a handful of realist painters whose work is truly expressive and unique. Perhaps what I find most bothersome is the readiness to jump on the bandwagon that anything not done in a representational style is not valid. Good art comes in all forms and styles, putting one down to promote another serves no purpose, diversity is what it’s all about.


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