Study for a future painting…

Study of Market, Annecy, France, acrylic and pastel on paper, 5x7 in.

This is a study I will use in conjunction with a photo I took of the market in Annecy to create a large oil painting. I have many photos of the market and cafes in Annecy that will translate nicely into paintings. I hope to keep them very loose and semi-abstract. The colors of the market stalls, awnings and crowds in the cafes suggest  interesting compositions and color harmonies. I found Annecy to be the most interesting in terms of subject matter for painting. While the other areas we visited were lovely in their own right, they were not as crowded or urban in terms of environment. While I can appreciate the beauty to be found in a rural environment, for me there is nothing like a city to create rhythm and movement in a painting.


2 Responses to Study for a future painting…

  1. A great study! Keep up the good work!

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