Oil Alla Prima Demo

study of glass, oil alla prima directly from life, 8x10 in.

This is a small demo I did last week for my advanced oils students. The aim was to capture the light passing through the backlit green bottle using minimal strokes and placement of color next to color. Efficient brushwork and color placement in an adjacent rather than layering fashion is key to successful alla prima painting. Over blending and layering creates mud when working wet into wet, color needs to stay pure to be effective. The placement of dark values at the begining is also important in acheiving a look of transparency and luminoscity. You need dark darks in order for the brightest brights to look bright, otherwise the brights just compete with one another for attention and lack depth.

4 Responses to Oil Alla Prima Demo

  1. gianchiglia says:

    wow this is much more realistic than ur usual work i find! cool!

  2. kullaf says:

    lol :D, really? i guess i have a range and regressed a bit on this one, but it looks like all my other stuff to me

  3. gianchiglia says:

    yea i find it alot tighter than others. along with that one other city one you do some work in progress pics with before, i forget what it was called, maybe parc?

  4. kullaf says:

    yeah, Parc is acrylic, so definitely “tighter” although I think (hope) still generally loose relative to the usual concept of realistic…this one has chunky brushwork…maybe the digital makes it more realistic, dunno…

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