Today’s progress…

Stage 4 - figures developed, beginning to add in archictectural details

close up of figures

This is finally moving into it’s finishing stages. I still have to finish up the details on the architecture (that brick texture is a killer) and a bit more work on the figures and foreground sidewalk, etc.  I need to live with it for a day or so, and then finish it up in one final session. Overall, I’m happy with where it is going.

This is the first time I’ve painted such a large acrylic on Gessobord. The other large acrylics I did recently were on canvas. I like acrylic on Gessobord, but the smoothness seems to beg for more details, hence this is taking me a little longer than normal. Still using wide flat brushes though, no triple zeros! The paints I’ve used on this are Chroma Atelier Interactives ( which dry very slowly and come with some great mediums that extend the drying time even further. Gessobord is an Ampersand product, great surface for both oil or acrylic.


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