Study of Coke bottles

Coke bottles, oil on canvas, alla prima from life, 8x8 in.

This is my demo from Monday’s oil class, some Coke bottles with an old egg beater and ice cream scoop, and a metal can. I was particularly drawn to the strip of red on the labels and their reflections, plus the red on the egg beater handle. The red gave this a nice graphic feeling to it that I tried to emphasize. It has the feel of a silkscreen rather than an oil painting in many respects. The nostalgic feeling of the kitchen tools is echoed in the iconic shape of the Coke bottles. Objects that are this distinctive must be drawn correctly if they are to have the desired effect, particularly if painted loosely as they are here. Practice drawing whenever you can, it goes a long way when working with complex objects such as these, even if you choose to depict them in a more abstract manner.


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