Pastelmat – Trying a New Surface

Yellow roses, pastel on Pastelmat, 9x12 in.

Pastelmat is a new surface I tried recently. It is smoother than Wallis paper but is still a sanded paper designed for pastel. I found it to be very nice to work with, both hard and soft pastels layer nicely on it, the surface is easy to cover and it comes in a nice range of colors. It is in the same price range as Wallis, a little on the high side but worth it for the results.

The study above was a demo I did in last week’s Intro to Pastel class. It was the first time I’d ever used Pastelmat (a little risky for a demo) and I was very pleasantly surprised at how nicely the NuPastels adhered to the surface. Although I like Art Spectrum paper, I don’t always get the coverage and ability to layer that I have with this sheet or with Wallis. I’m happy to have found an alternative to Wallis that comes in a wider variety of colors. I will continue to use Wallis in much of my work, but like the fact that I now have a choice if I want to work on a different color background.

Note: I have a new series of Intro to Pastel classes beginning on April 16. The course is at the NJ Visual Arts Center in Summit and runs for 10-weeks, for more information, visit the center’s web site.


2 Responses to Pastelmat – Trying a New Surface

  1. Anne Propst says:

    This is beautiful. I usually use Wallis as well but have enjoyed trying the Pastelmat as well.

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