Crab Market, Philadelphia – Acrylic on Canvas

Crab Market, acrylic on canvas, 48x36 in.

 Above is the final version of the Crab Market, which is an interpretation of a black and white photo by photographer John Andrulis. I have earlier stages of this one in some previous posts. Because of its large size, I used some unusual tools: paint rollers (the kind you use for trim), sponge applicators and very large brushes. I wanted to keep this very loose and semi-abstract, with a lot of bold brush work and movement. Acrylic was the perfect medium for this, it enabled me to work quickly and yet retain a painterly feeling to it, without a lot of hard edges. The rollers helped by allowing me to scumble large areas, thereby combining colors by layering them one on top of another, yet letting the under layers show through. It intentionally has a very rough feeling to it, I’ve started a second one in which I hope to carry this concept of abstraction and rough edgedness a little further.

This piece along with the second one will be part of the JAG Fine Art Spring Exhibition which opens April 1 in Center City, Philadelphia. For more information, visit

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