Tempe Wick House, Oil on Masonite

Tempe Wick House, oil on masonite, 18x24 in.

This is the last painting in the Morristown series, Tempe Wick House just after the last snowfall. This was painted on a surface called Gessobord, made by Ampersand. It is Masonite that has been coated with gesso and cradled on stretchers.

I began by putting an additional coate of tinted gesso on the surface, I used a professional grade gesso tinted with acrylic paint to a grey-green finish. The surface is smoother to work on than canvas and I found the paint was absorbed a little faster which made things dry a little more quickly, particularly with the earth colors that dry more quickly to begin with.

The palette used is cobalt blue, prussian blue, king’s blue, yellow ochre, naples yellow, alizarin, cadmium red light, burnt umber, burnt sienna, titanium white.

I’m told this piece is “out of character” for me, because of its more traditional subject matter. Yet, it was painted using the same approach I always use to composition, color and brushwork, so to me subject does not factor into things all that much. I’m just painting shapes and getting them to balance in the composition, if the shapes ultimately form a red barn so be it. 🙂

2 Responses to Tempe Wick House, Oil on Masonite

  1. Divya Ananth says:

    Hi Anne,

    I went and saw your exhibit in Morristown. The displays were wonderful!

    I used to live in Morristown, so I love the way you have depicted the everyday scenes.


  2. kullaf says:

    thank you Divya!

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