Thank You…

Farragut Street, demo in pastel, 9x12 in.

Just a quick thank you to everyone who attend my urban landscape workshop yesterday at NJ VAC. It was a pleasure working with each of you and I hope to see you again in a future class or workshop.

Above is a photo of my demo in pastel from the workshop. This was done with both hard (NuPastels) and soft (Sennelier) pastels on Wallis paper. I began with an underpainting in burnt umber hard pastel and began layering with hard pastel working from dark to light. For the brightest areas and darkest darks, I used some soft pastel on top of the initial layer of hard pastel. No blending was done, colors sit next to or on top of one another and blend optically to create additional colors. This provides for a fresher, looser look as opposed to one that is highly realistic. It all depends on your preference for the finished product, I prefer more spontaneity and therefore do less blending and allow the colors to mix visually instead of physically blending them on the paper.


2 Responses to Thank You…

  1. Ginger Johnson says:

    Hi Anne, I really enjoyed browsing through your blog this morning. Thanks so much. See you in class. Ginger

  2. kullaf says:

    you’re welcome Ginger! glad you find it helpful

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