Vail Mansion Lamp Post

Vail Mansion Lamp Post, acrylic on canvas, 8x8 in.

This is another in the series of small paintings I’m doing of Morristown. I’ve done several studies of these lamp posts which are part of the Vail Mansion property. The town has a diverse variety of architecture, from stately old homes to modern office buildings. I’ve put together 9 of these small canvases to make a grouping, they will be displayed together but available for sale individually. All will be on exhibit in my solo show at Gallery MacEgan in March.


2 Responses to Vail Mansion Lamp Post

  1. talikatzman says:

    Wish I could come to the gallery,I love the richness of the colours.Do you first sketch with a pencial,or start with oil paint right away?
    Also,care to see some of my work?

  2. kullaf says:

    thankyou Tali! these are acrylic, and I do them the same as I do with oils, no pencil, just an underpainting in burnt umber or burnt sienna paint, sort of like a wash drawing. I love drawing with a brush, I never use pencil. Sure, you can post a link to your work…

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