If urban landscapes interest you…

work in progress, final details still need to be added

This painting is progressing through it’s various stages. If painting urban landscapes is of interest to you, I highly recommend that you keep the following things in mind:

– you need good drawing skills to do these, whether your approach is technical or intuitive, an ability to “see” (not just understand) perspective is key

– a good under painting goes a long way in any piece, but it is critical to the success of an urban landscape, this is where you get your drawing, values and compositional issues resolved

– stay away from grids and other drawing aids if you want your painting to look loose and expressive, this will also force you to build your drawing skills rather than relying on aids. Get rid of the ruler and replace it with a 1″ flat brush, you can create great verticals that are believably straight with a flat brush and you mass in form rather than outlining, a much more natural approach.

I’m currently offering a workshop on urban landscapes at the NJ Visual Arts Center on Feb. 13, for more information click on the link: http://artcenternj.org/instructorclasses.php?id=191. I’m also offering a 10-week drawing class that covers the basics of form, value, proportion and perspective for artists who prefer to paint/draw in a non-technical, intuitive and expressive manner. “Expressive Drawing” is listed in the Classes section of the same link. Either of these classses will be helpful for urban landscape artists.


2 Responses to If urban landscapes interest you…

  1. mastermesh says:

    Getting rid of the ruler is sometimes a good idea, but other times, keeping the rules of perspective in consideration can make a lot of difference. Most times, the fly by the seat of your pants approach does work for expression, freedom to move the brush around, get the different layering effects going on etc., but sometimes a good evaluation with an eye to real world rules about perspective can help things out a lot.

  2. kullaf says:

    Jeff, thanks for your comment. However, I never said to get rid of the rules of perspective, just the ruler. 🙂 All the ruler does is give you straight (many times stiff) hard edges. What I did say is that you need to have not only an understanding of perspective, but the ability to see it and translate it onto your paper or canvas. I try to encourage my students to let go and look for basic shapes and correct value placements that work together to make the perspective come together, it is simply a different approach. It also depends on what type of painting you want for an end result, I personally prefer an expressive piece that is based on correct perspective and proportion, but not so tight as to read as an engineering or photorealistic representation. My aim is to touch the canvas as little as possible and simply suggest a building or a car…but that’s my aim, everyone’s will be different and that’s what makes art so interesting. Thanks for your time!

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