Exploring Color & Form with Mixed Media

work-in-progress, experimental mixed media on corrugated cardboard

close up of detail and texture

the transparency of the bottles is implied with loose brushwork and carefully selected and placed color

This is a study of some bottles and cans I found interesting from a color perspective. Packaged goods often intrigue me, they have complex graphics that I like to reduce down to their simplest forms. The forms in this composition are all cylindrical, making for an interesting rhythm as a result of all the repeating ellipses. The varying surface textures of the cans, some with labels on and some off, combined with the glass bottles adds the complexity of transparency and reflectiveness.

I’ve chosen to use acrylic and pastel on corrugated cardboard. I’ve used this combination and surface before and have obtained some interesting effects. The cardboard provides a great ground color and the corrugation adds some texture particularly when the pastel is applied. I will finish this but hope to keep something of an unfinished, rough feeling to it. I hope to integrate the roughness here into some of my more formal oil on canvas works in the future.

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