Oil on Wallis Paper

oil on Wallis paper, about 9x12 in.

This is the demo from my workshop yesterday on painting transparent and reflective surfaces. I decided to do the demo on Wallis pastel paper. Although designed for use with pastels, Wallis paper is also suitable for wet media such as oil or acrylic. I love the medium grey tone it has, it’s perfect as a ground color. I also like the way the paint is quickly absorbed so that you can work right over it if you want to do some layering combined with a bit of alla prima. You can get similar effects by using oil on cardboard, but cardboard is not archival whereas the Wallis paper is.  You can also put a bit of pastel on top of the oil to really brighten things up, I’ve used pastel minimally here because the oil itself seemed to be enough in terms of creating brightness and contrast, but have had great results with it on other pieces where I needed to get things really bright.

Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop yesterday. I have the same workshop scheduled for Dec. 14 at Somerset but that class is full even though we added a second session. However, I will be offering the class again in March at the NJ Visual Arts Center in Summit. For details, see the Workshops & Classes page, register early if you plan to attend as classes fill quickly.


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