Something new, not a replication of what already exists…

Blog 003

a little more complete, oil on linen, 20x20 in., more to come...

Here is an updated version of the painting I posted yesterday, still has a long way to go, but is heading in a direction I like. I have to remind myself, as I frequently say in class, this is something new, not a replication of what I saw when I was on site and took the reference photo. It was a very rainy grey day, and some of that will come through, but the lighting can imply a change in the weather to come, notice the warm hues and suggested shadows from the Naples Yellow. Also, I have strayed ever so slightly from my usual pallette, Naples Yellow, Raw Sienna, Cad Red Light…a fellow instructor had some leftover paint so….Anyhow, it is evolving and will be what ever it turns out to be, but I think I like where it is headed.


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