Painting in Oil on Paper

study in oil on Fabriano hot pressed watercolor block

study in oil on Fabriano hot pressed watercolor block

This is a demo from my Advanced Oils Class. I sometimes prefer to do my demos on paper rather than canvas, the paper absorbs the oil faster and I can do layering that might not be possible on canvas. It’s also a nice way to handle studies, less expensive than stretched canvas. If you get one you become attached to, you can always frame it behind glass as you would a water color or acrylic.

The point of this particular demo was to illustrate how transparent and reflective objects can be used to create “new” shapes within a composition. Instead of thinking of the bottles and pots as individual units, I think of them in parts. First, as the parts that create the individual vessels themselves, and then as the parts that result as a part of the overlaps of transparent areas and reflective surfaces. Doing this enables you to break a lot of compositional “rules” and can create a dyanmic and unusual composition that is semi-abstract. While this piece is unfinished, I actually like the way the white of the paper is mixed with the areas covered by paint. I may put in a few more washes of transparent color and layer a few more bright areas on some of the white paper, but will definitely leave part of it showing through as unfinished. I like the way you can see the development of the composition and objects through the construction lines. While this may not be preferable for a more formal painting, it is certainly acceptable for a sketch or study such as this.


One Response to Painting in Oil on Paper

  1. santu says:

    cud u show us sme paintings in dry pastels…actually i m a lill too far(india dat is) and hv been trying to learn dry pastels and hw to draw wid dem..but i cnt do it like very u show the real technique,,,willbe very grateful..btw gr8 site..i m studying fashion designing..but art inspires me a lot…so..thnk god i bumpd int2 it..

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