An experiment

acrylic on watercolor paper, about 16x20 in.

acrylic on watercolor paper, about 16x20 in.

This is my demo from Thursday’s Intermediate Drawing & Painting class. The intent was to convey the idea of blocking in large shapes and thinking of the objects simply as forms, trying to show students how to get away from a narrative-driven approach to something more abstract. Yes, I know the objects still look like what they are, but when I paint them I don’t think of them as apples, bottles, etc., they are simply geometric shapes/sculptural forms.

I end up with a lot of under paintings as a result of all the demos I do. I plan to experiment a bit with this one. This was done from the set up I put together in the classroom. I don’t have a photo of it, the most I have to go on if I were to set it up again is the sketch, which is really all I need. However, instead of setting it up again, I’m going to work purely from imagination in terms of adding the colors. Theoretically, I have all the values mapped in and as long as I work with a harmonious color palette, I should get something that works…we’ll see.

I’m hoping to move further away from realism with my own work. I’ve never been a traditional realist or anywhere near a photo-realist. Impressionistic alla prima work is nice, but I would like to go beyond that, something with more raw energy. Urban subject matter helps, as does breaking compositional rules/guidelines (I will get that strong vertical in the middle to work).

But that isn’t enough to get the degree of rawness into my still life studio work as I would like. I need more of a departure from what is there, and I think relying more on my imagination and getting further away from the point of departure is the place to go next.


2 Responses to An experiment

  1. kullaf says:

    thank you, I’m happy with where the color is going on this, I will post it when it is done either later today or tomorrow

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