Expressive Drawing Workshop Sept. 27

charcoal and white pastel on newsprint, 12x18 in.

charcoal and white pastel on newsprint, 12x18 in.

It has been a very busy week–first week of the fall session and all classes are off to a great start! Thank you to everyone who sigend up for my classes at NJ Visual Arts Center and Somerset Art Association.

The above is the demo from my Intermediate Drawing and Painting Class at Somerset Art Association. I wanted to stress the importance of form and value the role it plays in representational painting–a good painting starts with a good drawing. Beginning with the placement of the basic forms in the composition, I worked from dark to light to get an accurate representation of the values in vine charcoal. I always try to get a range of at least 4 values, I can usually push it to 5 if I bring in the white pastel for highlights and add in some compressed charcoal for the darkest darks. A rnage of values will make forms appear 3-dimensional. Mapping in values before working with color allows you to focus on the two separately, you’ll already know where to place your darkest darks when you begin working with color. This allows you to focus on color mixing and harmony when you are in the color stages of your painting.

I recommend spending some time sketching and doing value studies before attempting a formal painting. Drawing loosely and expressively in the under painting stage will ensure a painterly and fresh look to the final product. Charcoal is a great medium for practicing this exercise, as is black or burnt sienna  acrylic. I will demonstrate all of these methods in my upcoming “Expressive Drawing” workshop at the NJ Visual Arts Center in Summit. The workshop is on Sunday, Sept. 27 and runs from 10 a.m to 4 p.m., cost is $100. To register, call the art center directly at 908-273-9121.


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