One for the road…

Even If It Rains..., oil on canvas by Anne Kullaf

Even If It Rains..., oil on canvas

Looks like we’ll be driving to the Cape in the middle of tropical storm Danny. Hence “Even If It Rains…” seemed appropriate for today’s post, it’s based on a ride home from vacation in Vermont a couple years ago, proof that paintings can materialize from some of the most mundane places and experiences. Of course, rain and roadways are some of my favorite things to paint, so it’s likely I’ll get some good reference material on this trip as well. It’s important to note (to me anyway) that pieces like this are not copies of my reference materials, just loosely based on them. I always feel like the paintings have to be something new, related to the original place or event, but not replications of them.

This is oil on canvas, 18×24 inches. Paintings of wet surfaces are most effective when close attention is paid to the differences in values on the wet road and reflections on the cars. The darks are what make those headlight reflections really seem to glow. The road surface and sky are made up of multiple glazes.  All of these techniques are covered in my advanced oils classes, for more info on advanced classes in oils at Somerset Art Association or NJ Visual Arts Center, click here. For classes in other media at either location visit the Workshops and Classes page.

Note: This painting is available for purchase from Trudy Labell Fine Art, Naples, FL, contact the gallery via email at


3 Responses to One for the road…

  1. John says:


    Another winner here. Stunning! I sure wish you were up in the Hudson Valley. : )

  2. Caio Rudá says:

    Hey, Anne!

    I’m glad I have found such a great webpage. Your work is really impressive. There are a lot of beautiful paintings here.

    Like you, I love the rain. For me it is just amazing to be sitting down and looking at the wet world outside my window. I can’t draw at all. Actually I think I am not able to put two squares on paper. On the other hand, I like to write poetry, and the rain is present in my “work”.

    I have a blog, where I post some poems, stories, and what we call “crônicas” in Brazil. I usually write something and add a work of art to ilustrate what I have written. This time, when I was looking for a good painting, I found your blog and thought “Taxi in the Rain” was perfect to my last composition. So I put it on my blog, Das Idéias de Caio Rudá. It’s all in Portuguese, unfortunately. But maybe you can take a look.

    I have given you the credits for the paiting, but if you feel not comfortable with that, I can remove your painting from my blog, and, please, forgive me for using your work without paying a cent for it.


  3. kullaf says:

    thank you! yes, you may use the image along with your poem, I couldn’t find it on your blog though, please send me a direct link if you have a moment.

    best, Anne

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