Gestural Study in Acrylic

acrylic on paper, 9x12

acrylic on paper, 9x12

 Gesture imparts liveliness and sponaneity into any painting. Understanding the gesture of your subject will help to keep your work fresh and your compositions dynamic. This study was done with acrylic thinned with water to create a wash similar to watercolor. Using a limited palette of burnt sienna, cobalt blue, cerulean, yellow ochre and light red ochre, I have blocked in basic forms that combine to form a city street. All detail is implied, not painstakingly rendered. Objects suggest themselves and much is left undefined. Practicing studies of this kind will help you to see the characteristics that give subjects their definition and form, “what makes a taxi a taxi”, etc., without being a photographic representation.


One Response to Gestural Study in Acrylic

  1. hi , this is the very first time i visit your blog .
    i liked your works a lot . i like the moviments of these colours !
    see you !!

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