More drawing with pastel

unfinished study, pastel on newsprint

unfinished study, pastel on newsprint

This is an unfinished study from a demo I did in a class last week. I like unfinished work, especially when you can see the “skeleton” underneath, things like center lines, value studies, the outlines of forms that have been blocked in. There is something about the roughness and exposed quality of an unfinished piece that conveys so much about an artist’s process. I enjoy looking at sketches more than I do finished paintings, they seem more personal and revealing.

This was done with hard pastels (NuPastels) on newsprint, about 18×24. I began with the value study in burnt sienna, and covered some of the brass jug and apples with a layer of color before I abandoned this. I thought about finishing it but decided since it would only sit in a portfolio in my studio that I’d leave it as is, and the more I look at it, the more I agree with that decision. I often leave more to suggestion than other representational artists do, my goal is always to put in only as much information as is necessary to convey an image. Underworked is always better to me than overworked.


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