To NYC and Beyond…


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I’ve realized for some time now that I have 2 parallel careers, I am primarily an instructor in New Jersey and an artist in NYC. It’s about time those 2 paths crossed and it’s about to happen with my upcoming “Expressive Drawing” intensive in NYC which kicks off the Salmagundi Club’s new workshop series this August. (For more information on the workshop, visit the Workshops & Classes page.)

As a result, I’ve decided it would be a good idea for me to get my name out there beyond Manhattan, so I’m starting my venture into the 5 boroughs with Brooklyn. Why Brooklyn? Well, for starters it’s prime territory for some cutting edge arts programs: there is the Brooklyn Museum, Pratt Institute and the Brooklyn Art Project.

No matter where you live, you can join Brooklyn Art Project (BAP) as an artist or art enthusiast and connect with a growing collective of 3000+ inspired minds from around the world. Membership is free and includes unlimited online gallery space, personal blogs, widgets to share and promote your work, forums, groups, and exclusive member only competitions and international shows.

I thought BAP would be a good place to start getting exposure for both my work and classes that I’m beginning to offer in NYC. Although I have gallery representation in NYC and exhibit regularly as a member of the Salmagundi Club, it would probably be a good idea for me to venture outside the “box” I’ve historically show my work in–the eastside from SoHo up to Gramercy Park, between 5th Avenue and Broadway. BAP has regularly monthly get togethers and exhibits featuring the work of its members. It’s a great way to meet other artists and curators who may be interested in either taking my workshops or exhibiting my paintings.

Why not just exhibit in New Jersey?

A lot of people ask me why I don’t exhibit in New Jersey since I live there. The simple truth is, I cannot find a suitable venue for my work. Since I paint so many urban landscapes of NYC, the city was just a natural fit. Also, there are not very many venues available to artists who don’t paint highly traditional subjects here in the Garden State. So, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve become an instructor in NJ and an artist in NY. It doesn’t really bother me, although the commute is not something I want to do on a daily or even weekly basis, going in for exhibits I am in or to do workshops is great. So I plan to be spending more time there in the future, look for more classes and workshops and hopefully additional exhibits beyond my usual boundaries.


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